Thursday, 20 September 2012

Oversea study experience in Singapore

Hello blog readers <3
Sorry for dragging about the Nuffnang event post, I'm not going to blog about it today. Since I have not receive some of the photos yet. You might want to know why or what my title meant. Now, I'm going to tell you about my story.

WARNING: Gonna be an emo post lol

Basically, it wasn't my decision to study in Singapore. My mom decided to let me go for further studies after sec5, obviously I have to listen to whatever my mom says right? I tried to fail my 'O' levels, so that I can't get in to Poly because I already knew that ITE does not accepts foreigners. I didn't knew that there's private schools like... MDIS. I did this because I didn't want to go overseas for further studies. Who likes leaving their family, friends, and your loved ones? No one.

Yup, I got into MDIS where I'm quite happy in the first few weeks cos there's no uniform!! Haha! Although I'm not very comfortable with the lifestyle here in Singapore. First of all, I don't use public transports since young cos there's none in Brunei! There is, but about one or two only. Secondly, I'm not used to the food here because different family, different cookings right. And, I'm staying with my cousin just for your info. Thirdly, I don't know how to cook and houseworks lol wheregot maid?!

Sometimes I crave for foods such as Fratini, Jolibee, Ayamku, all these restaurants can't be found in Singapore :( you'll miss your hometown's foods, home, bedroom and lifestyle. I've experienced alot of shits in Singapore too. I went to the police station to report police, my phone was stolen, my ex borrow money from me, alot of things that you'll never experience. Don't wanna mention more, later you all thinks that it's a bad place and everyone here is bad lol! Nah, maybe I'm just unlucky to meet these kind of weird human.

In the other hand, I must say that I'm lucky enough to be studying in overseas because not every child has the opportunity. Recently, I've won alot of things.. Including the Nuffnang event, I'm very glad to be in Singapore now because blogging is one of my hobby, and only in Singapore can makes me blog about anything everyday in life, it's so happening out there.. I've seen alot of different people, the rich, the poor, the bhb ones, the act cool ones, the irresponsible ones, the pretty ones, the famous ones, the ugly ones, the bitchy ones, hahaha!

I'm used to the environment, lifestyle, and everything here now.. I've learnt alot.. I learn how to not be so dumb to trust someone I just met. It's been more than a year, but something just happened.. My mom called me as if like it's urgent. I quickly check on my whatsapp. She asked me to stop my makeup course, which I've just started my lesson today. She asked me to retake my Business law other time, which I just failed the 3rd attempt and ask if I can come back to Brunei earlier since our shop is going to open this mid of Oct. She asked me to take care of the shop instead.

At that moment, I wanted to cry. I was hoping that my mom was just joking with me, I was hoping that it was just a dream, I was .. lost. Makeup course is one of my dream, I couldn't just stop like that. I don't want to. The excuse was that my mom is unable to support me, due to her unstable job.. Are you serious?! School fees and rental and everything is paid. You're wasting all the money or what?

My cousin and I was wondering, why did my mom even put me to study for Business Management if you want me to just take care of the shop? I couldn't just leave my boyfr like that, although we're not even one month tgt yet but I feel like I knew him very long ago..

I love love you Bibi <3 T___T
All my friends didn't know about this yet... But this post is for you all to see, so I don't need to repeat, explaining the same thing again and again to different person.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Snow City, Genting KL

Why Genting? I've never been to Genting before.. Not even once! Nuffnang is now choosing lucky winners to Genting again with the awesome bloggers!! I hope I'm lucky enough hehehe! The first time I didn't get to join was because I'm having my exams, time clashed. Tsk.

Why I want to go? Firstly, I love to play with snow.. It is one of my dreams. I told my mom I wanted to go somewhere, a country that has winter.. She said that if I got my diploma cert, she'll bring me. But idk when will I have the chance to.. Lol!

Secondly, I've never been to Genting. Sad case right! I've only been to the Snow City in Singapore, which is like years ago.. But I guess KL's Snow City is much more fun!! Look at the photos, you can tell already.

The surrounding and everything looks real..

Want to go?? Hesitate no more!
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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Chalet Barbeque & the night

Actually we wanted to stay at Bukit Batok's chalet but it's fully booked, so we chose Downtown East Coast, Coastal Sands Resort for 3D2N. It's beside Wild Wild Wet, but it's renovating. Boooo, we got 2 free tickets to Wild Wild Wet also no use haha! Incase you don't know what is chalet(foreigners), it's somehow like a hotel or a resort place for you to stay, a barbeque place outside, just that there's no room cleaning service everyday la. 

If I'm not mistaken, it's a normal room, which has 4 beds..
If you realized something...


My eyebrows drawn darker LOL look like la bi xiao xin. (Crayon ShinChan)

Got a good lighting, cannot miss a chance to vain. HEHE!

The drinking games session, I never drink cos I don't want to feel that drunk feeling again. It sux. They played, whoever got the card King will have to pour whatever alcohol into the cup and the next person who gets a card X will have to drink it. :D

LOL @ Kimiko. Here's a view of the outside. We chose downstairs, easier to BBQ mah! Although it's expensive by $10-20 only.

I don't know who so stoopid la, use a plastic fork poke this cheese and the outcome is the fork that broke. lol

Started BBQ. My photography skill not bad right :D !!!

Well this photo is taken because... if you spot something... That's why XD 
Don't blame me!!! Kimiko ask me to take one! >.<

Not only prawn with the cheese

There's also crabstick with cheese

Photo taken by boyfr. Fierce ey ;)

The first night, too much of ppl staying over. So few of us sleeps on the floor, my bones aches everywhere the next day lol. To be honest, I'm quite scared of the chalet's toilet cos the mirror quite dirty and scary.. Sooooo, I bath with the doors open LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!! But all of them were walking to the bowling center already. So we join them abit later.

The next night, went to Club Royce again. To celebrate someone's birthday. In the MRT while we're on the way. The others were on the other side of the seats opposite us.

We got nothing else to do instead of the internet. That's why I was blogging which I've mention in my previous post. So I vained wooohoooo.

Idk what was I doing lol

My next post will be Nuffnang's event. Stay tune!! :D

Too much to say

Hello people <3
Just a short update incase you miss me HAHAHA jk

I guess you're wondering WHY did I changed my blog link, because my previous one which I just bought the domain, blogger teams said that there's error & they're maintaining it. I hope this blog is just temporary!!

I'm quite busy this week, as I have Chalet, BBQ, night club, and etc! Kimiko came to SG houyeah!! I'm not lonely again :D

I went to do hair treatment, remember my hair was a little of ash grey close to black? After I did the treatment at the same saloon, it became brighter omg, colour fades, wasted my money dying my hair to darker. :( This treatment cost about $180 for my hair length, it also makes my hair looks straight/rebond but not too straight. It's totally different from the normal cheaper treatments. Although have to suffer the pain when they comb your hair @@

My boyfr did the same treatment as mine hehehe xD
I never use that machine lol, as if he got wings, cos the two sides can move HAHAH! FUNNY! kk wo sampah po~

Anyway I'm currently at Club Royce blogging LOL! So I can only take some photos from instagram or facebook~ 

Boyfr bought this for me <3
I wanted minions so muchhhh! I call them BANANA!

Look like me right?! XD

The clothing that I bought on the same day, only the crop top, doesn't includes the singlet, cost $49 dafuq LOL but it's unique, cos of the ends like wavy!

Another dress, from Far East Plaza too. This cost $59.40, I know, crazy right. Haha, it's after discount somemore. Taken at chalet :3

I can't wait for the Nuffnang's event!
I get to meet these bloggers!!!

Bubbly host, Edwin & Jaylee Woo in person leh!!! 

I just hope it goes well, cos I'm so nervous omg >.< sort of my first time attending these events.
Remember to come back to see my post about meeting the bloggers!! :D
Thanks for reading!
BYE <3